3rd Europan Encounters on Children's Literature


Friday, November 30 , 2012, Paris (BnF)
Conference organised by Bibliothèque nationale de France
Centre national de la littérature pour la jeunesse
La Joie par les livres

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> Marion Caliyannis
  These biennial meetings bring together various experts from all over Europe who work in the field of books for young people. Through discussions and exchanges, authors and illustrators, publishers, researchers, librarians and teachers will reflect on the creation of comparative literature in Europe, as well as publishing practices, mediation and promotion, from the point of view of a common professional culture, founded on mutual knowledge.
  Simultaneous translation in English will be provided    







Jacqueline Sanson, Director General of the BnF




Timothée de Fombelle, writer

Morning   Roads to creation in Europe



Moderator: Jacques Vidal-Naquet, BnF




The circulation of texts and creators in Europe in the beginning of the 20th century


The French publisher Union Latine d’Editions : Spanish children’s literature in France during the 1920s
Anaïs Gonzalez-Suescun,
teacher, researcher at University Rennes 2


How did the tales of the Capek brothers arrive to France?
Marie-Pierre Litaudon, researcher at Université Rennes II and IMEC





Picture books in the United Kingdom



Translating the Visual: Storming the bastion of the British picture book
Martin Salisbury, teacher of illustration at Cambridge School of Art, director of the Centre for Children's Book Studies



Is British illustration also European?
Panel chaired by Nathalie Beau, BnF
Professor Martin Salisbury, Axel Scheffler, illustrator and Deirdre McDermott, Picture Book Publisher at Walker Books







  Publishing practices, mediation and promotion in Europe

Moderator: Nathalie Beau, BnF

14h00   Publishers

Meeting with Fausta Orecchio and Simone Tonucci, founders of Orecchio Acerbo, about the  new trends in publishing picture books in Italy


Meeting with Svein Størksen, founder of Magikon Forlag, a Norwegian publishing house that opens its catalogue widely to European illustrators.


Organizations and projects for reading promotion 


Teaching reading skills
Reflecting on the notion of « Leseförderung » in Germany by members of the Bundesverband Leseförderung of Stuttgart, Iris Wolf and Annette Meyer.


“Silent books. From the world to Lampedusa and back
An IBBY Italy project, by Deborah Soria, owner of Ottimomassimo, moving bookshop for children, member of IBBY Italy.

16h00   Break



Meeting with Karin Serres, playwright and novelist, and Marianne Segol, translator, about experiences in multilingual playwriting carried out by Lab007. Moderation by Anne-Laure Cognet


Meeting with the Danish novelist Janne Teller about her book Guerre, et si ça nous arrivait ? especially written in different languages (Danish, French, Hungarian) according to the country of publication. Interview by Anne-Laure Cognet


Discovering ten European picture books published in 2012
Professionals from various European countries present their favourite book.


Presentation of diplomas to the French candidates for the Andersen award and to the IBBY 2012 Honour list nominees


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